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The market for pharma and healthcare products continues to grow and brings new challenges to all parties involved. Speed to market is essential, but keeping the products within the required temperature range during the whole transportation is absolutely crucial to ensure integrity in the cool chain and preserve the quality of the product. It takes a carrier of a strong pharma background to meet the logistics needs of today’s pharmaceutical and healthcare customers. From a wide array of sophisticated, temperature controlled container solutions to leveraging the short tarmac times at Zurich airport, we provide the right infrastructure, facilities and solutions to manage the most diverse requirements.

We partner with the best, to deliver the most accurate and reliable handling and transportation service. Our hub is GDP compliant and CEIV certified, positioning Swiss WorldCargo as your industry trusted partner for pharmaceutical and healthcare logistics.


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Why Swiss WorldCargo

Global Handling Expertise
Global Handling Expertise

  • At our hub Zurich, strong partnership with our ground handling agent Cargologic to continuously enhance our existing pharma-friendly capabilities
  • Our hub is GDP compliant (Swissmedic) and IATA CEIV certified
  • Worldwide skilled and fully trained personnel to handle pharmaceuical products
  • Efficient and standardised transport and handling processes

Quality Corridors
Quality Corridors

  • ‘Quality Corridors’ comprise of a network of certified pharmaceutical trade lanes to meet consistent standards and assure product integrity

Cutting-edge Partners
Cutting-edge Partners

  • Partnership with cutting-edge providers of temperature controlled container solutions to cater for diversified temperature ranges, from active to high performance passive

Domain Specialisation
Domain Specialisation

  • Dedicated pharma team keeping track of the latest industry developments
  • Company-wide focus on training and developing pharma mindset in accordance with GDP philosophy
  • Close collaboration with forwarders and shippers to shape new industry solutions
  • Clear visibility of our pharma capabilities through our online tool, for risk mitigation and lane assessment

End-to-end Temperature Tracking
End-to-end Temperature Tracking

  • Real-time tracking devices available to ensure detailed and consistent monitoring of your shipment throughout the cool chain


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