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Introducing our specialized airfreight service for pharma and healthcare commodities. We recognize the crucial importance of transporting life-saving medicines, temperature-sensitive vaccines, and essential healthcare products with the highest level of precision and care. In a world where freshness, quality, and timeliness are paramount, our tailored airfreight solution ensures that your pharmaceutical and healthcare goods reach their destination in optimal condition. We understand the delicate nature of these commodities and maintain stringent measures to preserve their integrity throughout the entire journey. Our team of experts adheres to the highest standards of care, ensuring that your valuable cargo is handled with the utmost precision and reliability. Trust us for precision and care in transporting your pharmaceutical and healthcare goods, trust our SWISS Pharma & Healthcare product. 

Our expertise. For your product integrity

  • Tailored Airfreight Solution: Specialized service for pharmaceutical and healthcare commodities
  • Precision and Care: Highest level of precision and care for transporting life-saving medicines and healthcare products
  • Optimal Condition: Ensuring pharmaceutical goods reach their destination in optimal condition
  • Stringent Measures: Strict protocols to preserve cargo integrity throughout the journey
  • Expert Team: Highly trained experts in handling pharmaceutical and healthcare shipments
  • Precise Handling: Delicate commodities handled with utmost precision
  • Reliable Transportation: Trustworthy and timely delivery of pharmaceutical and healthcare goods

Certified pharma logistics hub. Ensuring the highest standards in pharmaceutical transportation

  • GDP Compliance: Strict adherence to Good Distribution Practices (GDP) for pharmaceutical quality assurance
  • IATA CEIV Pharma Certification: Certified by IATA for excellence in handling pharmaceuticals
  • Swissmedic Certification: Approved by Swissmedic for pharmaceutical logistics compliance
  • Temperature-Controlled Facilities: State-of-the-art facilities for storing temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals
  • Secure Storage: Ensured security measures for valuable pharmaceutical shipments
  • Efficient Handling: Streamlined processes for swift and accurate pharmaceutical logistics
  • Trained Personnel: Highly skilled staff with expertise in pharmaceutical handling
  • Risk Mitigation: Robust strategies to mitigate risks in pharmaceutical transportation

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Customize your shipment to your needs

We offer scalable solutions that can be dynamically adapted to your needs. On top of our branded products, various transportation solutions and add-on services can be booked for your shipment. 

SWISS Pharma: Bookable transportation solutions

Bookable Transportation Solutions

SWISS Pharma: Bookable add-ons

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