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Welcome to Green Choice, Swiss WorldCargo's add-on service for reducing the COemissions of your shipments. We are committed to offering more sustainable options to meet your shipping needs. With Green Choice, you can reduce the COemissions of your shipments through the purchase of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) or the carbon removal technology direct air capture (DAC) in collaboration with Climeworks. Alternatively, you can reduce the generated emissions by investing in climate protection projects. Join us in our commitment to reducing carbon footprints and making a positive impact on the environment while ensuring efficient transportation for your goods. 

Reducing CO2 emissions: Choose your compensation package

Discover our range of compensation packages designed to help you or your customers reduce CO2 emissions of your goods, available at both the Airwaybill (AWB) level and in bulk. We offer flexible options that allow you to choose the level of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), direct air capture (DAC), and CO2 offsetting into climate protection projects that best suit your needs. Whether you prefer compensating on individual AWBs or consolidating multiple shipments under a bulk agreement, we have the right solution for you. Take a closer look at our packages below and embark on a more sustainable journey with us.


AWB Level Compensation:

Choose from different Green Choice options available for every shipment with an AWB. Ensure to book the compensation before shipment departure. 

Aviation Tech Pioneer: 

  • Premium option to support scaling negative emission technologies with 20% DAC and 80% SAF 

SAF choice: 

  • Option 1: 80% SAF and 20% CO2 offsetting through climate protection projects
  • Option 2: 40% SAF and 60% CO2 offsetting through climate protection projects
  • Option 3: 20% SAF and 80% CO2 offsetting through climate protection projects
  • Option 4: 10% SAF and 90% CO2 offsetting through climate protection projects

Climate projects: 

  • 0% SAF and 100% CO2 offsetting by investing into climate protection projects

The AWB compensation applies to the entire routing and the final shipped gross weight of the shipment. Partial routing or partial shipment weight compensation is not possible, and fixed amount compensation is also not available. 

Bulk Agreement:

With a bulk agreement, customers can reduce the carbon emissions for multiple shipments together, targeting specific emission reduction goals for their organization within a specific period. This agreement can be applied retrospectively or proactively, projecting anticipated business volume. To ensure a more sustainable impact, we calculate emissions generated by the transportation of goods on our planes. We avoid overcompensation of emissions that were not emitted during the transportation.

Different customizable compensation options are available to choose from in our bulk agreement:
•    Aviation Tech Pioneer: 20% DAC and 80% SAF
•    SAF choice: 80-10% SAF, add climate protection projects or enhance each option with DAC
•    Climate projects: 0% SAF and 100% offsetting by investing into climate protection projects


Direct Air Capture (DAC) by Climeworks:

In its most recent effort, SWISS and the Lufthansa Group partner with Climeworks, a Swiss-based leading company that offers high-quality carbon removal services to businesses and individuals. Climeworks provides a permanent solution to a persistent problem, by employing its pioneering DAC technology to capture CO2 from the air, which can then be stored permanently underground.  DAC technologies also offer a scalable means of procuring atmospheric CO2 for use as a raw material in manufacturing the next generation of synthetic fuels, also known as Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). DAC has therefore emerged as a promising solution to support the defossilization of the aviation industry. Swiss WorldCargo recognizes the importance of accelerating key technologies and innovation to create a more sustainable future for the air cargo industry and takes action to ensure that significant partnerships are established to drive sustainability initiatives forward.



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Our Add-on Service, Green Choice, can be booked in combination with a wide range of products:

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