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SWISS MailFor your international mail exchange

The airmail parcel business is constantly increasing due to a phenomenal potential market volume and growth for national postal organisations. The worldwide major postal organisations are already prominently active in this high-potential business sector. They are busy ensuring greater vertical integration and control over their operation processes to secure a leading role in the global logistics arena and position themselves to offer integrated international Express Mail Services (EMS), Priority Mail (Airmail) or Non-Priority Mail (S.A.L).
Airmail services have their own special needs – whether they are Express Mail Services (EMS), Priority Mail (Airmail) or Non-Priority Mail (S.A.L) – exemplary efficiency is just as essential as absolute discretion, be it letters or parcels.


Why SWISS Mail

Your Benefits
Your Benefits

  • Mail scanning worldwide for status update by
  • means of latest EDI messaging standards
  • Long-term customer agreements
  • Dedicated mail capacity allotments

Our Hub
Our Hub

  • Unique transfer times of 240 minutes at Zurich and Geneva airports,
  • enabling you to meet your delivery requirements
  • Limited exposure to outside conditions thanks to extremely short distances between aircraft position and warehouse at our hub Zurich
  • Dedicated mail facilities

Our Product
Our Product

  • Short acceptance, transfer and delivery times of up to 240 minutes
  • Dedicated acceptance and handling processes
  • Highly skilled and trained personnel worldwide
  • Preferred capacity access for Express Mail Services (EMS)
  • and Priority Mail (Airmail)
  • Compliance with Universal Postal Union (UPU) standards
  • Globally consistent handling and quality standards
  • Status update by means of latest EDI messaging standards


Capacity features

Capacity features

Preferred space access


Connection timesGeneva: 240 min
Zurich: 240 min
AllotmentTop priority load in allocated space
Maximum weight per itemAs per UPU regulation
Maximum dimensions per item Depends on aircraft type
Transport of special cargo (AVI, DGR, etc.)As per UPU regulation
Trucks servicesUpon request, for Economy Mail and Prio Mail

Handling features

Handling features

Latest acceptance times “ready for carriage”Geneva: 240 min
Zurich: 240 min
Transfer times Geneva: 240 min
Zurich: 240 min
Added value service on UPU-StandardsBy Swiss Post International based on UPU standards
Separate handling processBy Swiss Post International