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For your temperature sensitive supply chain

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Welcome to Celsius Passive, Swiss WorldCargo's transportation solution for temperature-sensitive pharma airfreight and perishable shipments.

As the market for pharmaceutical and healthcare products continues to grow and speed to market becomes increasingly essential, the reliance on air cargo within the healthcare industry has surged. The challenge faced by all parties involved in the supply chain is to maintain healthcare products within the required temperature range, ensuring an uninterrupted cool chain and preserving product quality. That's why pharmaceutical and healthcare companies worldwide are turning to Celsius Passive.

For perishables, maintaining the freshness and quality of the product is just as crucial. To minimize the risk of spoilage, Celsius Passive accurately and reliably maintains the necessary temperature range. The combination of the customer's packaging and our temperature-controlled storage possiblities guarantees the integrity of your valuable products. 

Temperature support along the end-to-end supply chain

  • Choice between the four official IATA temperature ranges:
    controlled frozen (FRO -20 °C), controlled cool (COL +2 °C to +8 °C),
    controlled room temperature (CRT +15 °C to 25 °C) and controlled extended room temperature (ERT +2 °C to +25 °C) as well as ambient storage
  • Standardised processes ensure that your cargo is stored in the required temperature environment as fast as possible
  • Wide range of storage options, namely“controlled frozen storage” (FRO),“controlled cool storage” (COL),“controlled room temperature” (CRT),“controlled extended room temperature storage” (ERT) and “ambient storage”
  • A global network of selected audited stations
  • Worldwide skilled personnel
  • Thermo truck network available
  • Preferred capacity access
  • Efficient standardised transport and handling processes
  • Compliance with IATA Chapter 17 regulations
  • Dangerous Goods accepted (local restrictions and IATA DG Regulations apply)
  • An integrated online consignment tracking system

Our hub. A Seamless temperature-controlled environment

  • Our hub is GDP compliant (Swissmedic) and IATA CEIV certified
  • Four different controlled storage possibilities (FRO, COL, CRT and ERT) on top of ambient storage
  • Short distances via tunnel between warehouse and aircraft position, in combination with all-in-one operational and warehouse handling
  • Swiss WorldCargo hub control center ensures a smooth, reliable and flexible handling of shipments




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Available for booking with multiple products

Our Transportation Solution, Celsius Passive, can be booked in combination with a wide range of products:

Celsius Passive: Products


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Capacity features


Preferred space access Yes for XPS up to 6 h before departure
BUP* Yes
Transport of special cargo (DGR, etc.) Yes, exceptions apply
Trucks services Thermo truck whenever possible

*BUP (Bulk Utilization Programme): Transport-ready containers and pallets benefit from preferential conditions and more rapid handling. 

Handling features


Latest acceptance times
"ready for carriage”
90 to 240 min*
Transfer times  Up to 6 h*
Delivery times after landing 60 to 600 min*
Special consignment labelling by the freight forwarder IATA Time and Temperature Sensitive Label
Separate handling process  Yes

*Depending if booked as SWISS X-Presso or SWISS General Cargo