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Active Tracking Devices

Active Tracking Devices24/7 dedicated intervention team

The need for timely information and transparency is a key requirement in supply chain logistics, since any number of cargo irregularities can occur during transportation, despite careful planning.

That is why we allow the transportation of SWISS-approved active tracking devices (ATDs). Additionally, we provide a 24/7 dedicated intervention team able to react to any ATD deviation alarm worldwide based on your request.

The use of any ATD listed below requires the customer to book their shipment with the SHC of EMD.
IATA regulations on lithium batteries are in effect.


ATD types approved by SWISS

  • 7P Solutions GD100/GL300/GL300W
  • ASPION loggers (all models)
  • BeOn A1
  • Berlinger SmartPoint
  • Bosch TDL 140
  • Calamp SC1102/SC1004*
  • CargoSense - Toshiba Environmental Logger
  • Cartasense U-Sensor
  • Controlant CO 10.01
  • Controlant Saga**, Saga-H**, and Saga-P**
  • ELPRO LIBERO Cx series
  • Emerson GO Real-Time Tracker and GO Bluetooth Plus Logger
  • Frigga B9x series
  • Hanhaa Parcelive
  • Hive Tracker BEEconloT
  • Honeywell Gateway/Sensor Tags
  • Intelyt
  • Kelvin Pro /Track IT
  • Kirsen Global Security A-Type “Schenker Smartbox” Brieftrace
  • Kizy K-2 Tracker
  • KN Blue Sensor
  • Kylos Air
  • Lansmont_Saver _3X90* ( if using alkaline battery option)
  • Loco Tag
  • Modum MODsense T
  • Monilog® EnDaL smart*** and MSD
  • OnAsset Sentry 500 & Sentry 600 Flightsafe and Sentinel 100 & 100C
  • Roambee Bee and BeeSense Air*
  • Sendum PT300D/PT300
  • SenseAware 3000 and SenseAware M4 & ID tag
  • Shipit
  • SIT1002 tracker
  • STRACKER Single Use PT35
  • T11013050 / TTGEO Ultra Alkaline*
  • T11013070 / TTGEO Ultra Dry Ice Alkaline*
  • Tive TT-7000/TT-4000
  • Versa1
  • Visilion Mobiam Tracker

* AWB must include statement "Not restricted as per special provision A123.”

**AWB must include statement "Not restricted as per Special Provision A199."

*** for the model smart, only can be used with a non-lithium battery option

Swiss has no restrictions on the use of Passive or BLE data loggers using a single coin cell sized battery for power

Note: As per IATA DGR special provision SP A220 ( : Packages containing COVID-19 pharmaceutical accompanied by data logger and or cargo tracking devices containing lithium batteries are not subject to the marking and documentation requirements of Section II Packaging Instruction 967 or 970, as applicable. This same package configuration, when consigned without the COVID-19 pharmaceutical for the purpose of use or reuse, is also not subject to the marking and documentation requirements of Section II of Packaging Instruction 967 or 970, provided prior arrangements have been made with the operator. Please contact your local Swiss WorldCargo office for information on positioning or repositioning empty COVID-19 pharmaceutical packaging(s) that have real time tracking devices.

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ATD in three steps



24/7 intervention team
  • In the event of any deviation detected by your booked ATD, contact our 24/7 intervention team via the contact provided by your local station and the team will respond within 15 minutes.