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Let your shipments benefit from Swiss quality & reliability of service

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Transporting goods of all kinds requires a high level of accuracy to ensure a reliable transportation service. SWISS General Cargo offers exactly that. You can rely on SWISS quality when we transport your consignment by air or by road. Throughout our global network we can provide excellent service tailored to meet your requirements.
SWISS General Cargo is suitable for any air cargo consignment for which customers require special quality and expertise. We focus on quality, reliability and efficiency, as our flights follow a strict schedule and you can count on our punctuality.

Our reliability. For your quality transportation

  • Seamless air and truck connections worldwide between key business centers
  • Efficient transport and handling processes worldwide
  • Dangerous goods accepted (local restrictions and IATA DG regulations apply)
  • Seamless integration in your supply chain
  • Global audited network with high quality and handling standards
  • Efficient transit time at hub Zurich
  • Highly skilled and trained personnel worldwide
  • No weight limitations (aircraft type restrictions apply)
  • Globally consistent handling and quality standards
  • Integrated online consignment tracking system

Our hub. For your seamless supply chain

  • Short distances via tunnel between warehouse and aircraft positions, in combination with all-in-one operational and warehouse handling
  • Fast, high quality processes that limits exposure to outside conditions to a minimum
  • Swiss WorldCargo hub control center ensures a smooth, reliable and flexible handling of shipments

SWISS General Cargo: Bookable transportation solutions

Bookable Transportation Solutions

SWISS General Cargo: Bookable add-ons

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Capacity features

Capacity features

BUP* Yes
Trucks services Yes

*BUP (Bulk Utilization Programme): Transport-ready containers and pallets benefit from preferential conditions and more rapid handling.

Handling features

Handling features

Latest acceptance times “ready for carriage” 180 to 240 min*
Transfer times  up to 10 h
Delivery times after landing 240 to 360 min*
Special consignment labelling by the customers  Yes (DGR)
Separate handling process Yes

*Local deviations may apply.