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Swiss World Cargo - UAE Advance Cargo Information FAQ

UAE Advance Cargo Information Program

As announced by the National Advance Information Center (NAIC) of the U.A.E., the 6-digit HS Code will be mandatory in the FWB and FHL messages for all shipments in their Advance Cargo Information (ACI) Program.

The minimum requirement is the 6-digit HS code, which is validated using the HS code list of the World Customs Organization (WCO), i.e., chapter, heading and subheading. 8- and 10-digit codes will also be accepted, but the validation is only based on the first 6-digits. If an ACI filing does not include the 6-digit HS codes or the filing includes invalid HS codes, such filing will be automatically rejected by the NAIC ACI system. The submitted HS codes shall match the accurate nature of the goods on the airway bill documents.


UAE Advance Cargo Information - Frequently asked questions

SWISS forwards the HS Codes to UAE customs as soon as the data has been received from the customer

The sooner the better – in any case data must be transmitted before hand-over to the airline

Yes, CXML can be sent. The respective EDI-provider will take care of the conversion from CXML to IATA CIMP as SWISS can only process CIMP-messages.

  • Additionally to the correct and descriptive goods description the corresponding valid 6-digit HS code is mandatory for each item in the consignment

No. HS Codes for consolidations are only required on house level. HS Codes on master level are only required for direct shipments without house AWBs.

As SWISS  can only process IATA CIMP messages via EDI-providers , the limitation in the SWISS system is as follows:

  • 1 HS-code in the FWB-message
  • up to 9 HS-codes in a single FHL-message
  • In case of consolidation , the most prominent HS-code shall be  declared in the FWB-message


  • The harmonized commodity code  shall be  declared in the rating part of the FWB-message:







  • The harmonized commodity code shall be declared here in the FHL-message:









  • No. In case HS codes are missing, the shipment is not ready and cannot be accepted (RCS). The forwarding agent is responsible to provide correct and complete HS codes. Additionally, the handling agent would not be in the position to decide, if codes are missing or complete.
  • In case the handling agent needs to capture an entire bill (house or master), the HS Codes must also be captured – therefore, the HS Code(s) need to be provided by the customer on the paper AWB.

No. All data needs to be transmitted electronically. Customers, who are not able to add HS codes in their system, can use the SWISS eBooking tool to transmit FWB -and FHL data including HS codes and EORI numbers

No. The HS Code is only required for shipments transported covered under a Cargo AWB.