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In a world where freshness, quality, and timeliness are paramount, the transportation of perishable goods demands utmost precision and expertise. At Swiss WorldCargo, we understand the critical nature of transporting delicate fruits, vegetables, and meats. We ensure your delicate produce maintains its freshness and quality throughout the journey. We recognize the importance of every minute, and our streamlined supply chain guarantees swift and efficient delivery, minimizing any potential spoilage while adhering to the highest standards of care. Trust us to transport your valuable perishable goods with precision and reliability. 

Our efficiency. For your consignments' freshness

  • Compliance with country regulations ensuring smooth customs clearance
  • Compliance with the IATA regulations (PCR)
  • High quality standards of handling ensure that shipments move seamlessly
  • Highly skilled and trained personnel worldwide
  • No weight limitations (aircraft type restrictions apply)
  • Combinability with temperature solutions to keep the commodities fresh
  • Worldwide air and truck connections between key business centers
  • Integrated online consignment tracking system
  • Direct delivery from ZRH to the warehouse with our Home Delivery service

Our hub. For your well-preserved supply chain

  • Dedicated perishables handling and storage at our hub in Zurich
  • Short distances via tunnel between warehouse and aircraft positions, in combination with all-in-one operational and warehouse handling
  • Veterinary (FSVO) and Agriculture office (FOAG) checks performed in a temperature-controlled environment in our hub in Zurich
  • Efficient transit time at hub Zurich
  • Fast, high quality processes that limits exposure to outside conditions to a minimum
  • Swiss WorldCargo hub control center ensures a smooth, reliable and flexible handling of shipments

Note: Endangered species (CITES)

Swiss WorldCargo complies with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) when it comes to the transportation of animal products and plants and has a ban in place for endangered species listed in the CITES Appendix I.

In order to further help eliminate illegal trade and transportation of hunting trophies and save wildlife heritage, we extended the ban to all species listed under CITES Appendix II. Additionally, shark fins, frogs, toads and legs thereof for consumption purposes are also banned on SWISS flights. SWISS hopes these bans will finally contribute to stopping this cruel practice.

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Customize your shipment to your needs

We offer scalable solutions that can be dynamically adapted to your needs. On top of our branded products, various transportation solutions and add-on services can be booked for your shipment. 

SWISS Perishables: Bookable transportation solutions

Bookable Transportation Solutions

SWISS Perishables: Bookable add-ons

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