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Veterinary Inspection

All animal products imported from non-EU countries are subject to veterinary inspection when entering Switzerland. Shipments will enter via a registered port of entry where inspection points and facilities exist, i.e. Airports Zurich and Geneva. To prevent animal diseases being brought into the country, various conditions must be satisfied when importing animal products.

Depending on the routing, shipments can be subject to the following three checks:

  • documentary
  • identity
  • physical

See more details here: Import and Export (

TRACES Registration

All shipments of animal products from non-EU countries intended for import to CH and EU must be registered in the TRACES (Trade Control and Expert System). Transit shipments will be registered by the handling agent in ZRH.

CITES Regulations

Regarding CITES, endangered species (fauna and flora) and parts of such, as well as derivatives of animal and plant species originating in the EU will also undergo border veterinary inspections. For specimens derived from species listed in the CITES Appendix III, valid documents must accompany the shipments upon entry. 


Products of animal origin not in line with Swiss regulations may be rejected, seized or confiscated by the border control authorities and prohibited from being imported.