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There are just as many handling processes and regulations for the transportation of live animals as there are species that were classified by the Swedish natural scientist Linnaeus a couple of centuries ago. If Swiss WorldCargo is one of the most highly-regarded air cargo carriers for the transportation of live animals, it is because we care about all aspects adding to the well-being of all animal species travelling on our network. We are constantly investing in improving processes and facilities that cater to the needs of live animals across the complete air cargo journey. At our stations, we have trained live animals experts who ensure adherence to the relevant IATA regulations. At Zurich airport, the state-of-the-art animal center, is optimum environment for animal transfers to various locations across our network.


Note: At Swiss International Air Lines - and at Swiss WorldCargo - we dissociate ourselves from the transportation of live animals for research; in fact, SWISS does not accept any live animals destined for research for transport on any of its routes except live mice and live rats.

Swiss WorldCargo complies with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) when it comes to the transportation of animals and has a ban in place on animal trophies as per CITES Appendix I (

A ban on ivory has already been in place for some time. In order to further help eliminate illegal trade and transportation of hunting trophies and save wildlife heritage, since 1 June 2015, we have extended the ban to the transportation of lion trophies as well as lion bones and body parts (CITES Appendix II). SWISS hopes these bans will finally contribute to stopping this cruel practice.



Why Swiss WorldCargo

Efficient Handling
Efficient Handling

  • Special handling based on animal type and species – e.g. ambient temperature kept between 12 and 20 °C for cats and dogs
  • Temperature-control during the journey
Fast and Convenient
Fast and Convenient

  • SWISS X-Presso XL service, with 120 minutes of transfer time, makes the journey for live animals short and smooth
  • Pick up of live animals within Switzerland

  • Specially trained animal keepers to care for pets and animals at the stations
Administrative Assistance
Administrative Assistance

  • Booking of flights and cargo space
  • Issuing of transport documents
  • Arranging shipper’s certification
  • Checking import or export license and health certificate



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