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Joint Business Agreement with Lufthansa and Cathay Pacific

Joint business agreement with Lufthansa Cargo and Cathay Pacific More direct connections, greater flexibility and time savings combined with service enhancements

Swiss WorldCargo entered the joint business agreement between Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa Cargo in May 2022, providing cargo customers with more direct connections, more flexibility and more time saving. The entry of Swiss WorldCargo builds on the joint business agreement signed in 2016 between Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa Cargo which enables the two airlines to cooperate in terms of sales, pricing, contracts, and the handling of shipments between Hong Kong and Europe.

Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa Cargo already have a close collaboration on international lanes via their hubs in Hong Kong and Germany, while the handling of cargo in Hong Kong is coordinated under one roof at the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal of Hong Kong International Airport. Under the expanded joint business agreement, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa Cargo, and Swiss WorldCargo will work closely together on network planning, as well as on sales, IT and ground handling. Initially, the airlines will cooperate on traffic from Hong Kong to Zurich and Frankfurt, with traffic to and from Hong Kong and the rest of Europe planned to be included later this year. Cargo customers will be able to access the entire joint network via the booking systems of all three partners.

Joint Venture: Your benefits

Your benefits at a glance

your Benifits alt
Larger and faster network:

  • Direct access to more destinations.
  • Faster and more frequent connections.
  • Increased capacity: freighter and belly combined.

Enhanced quality and flexibility:
Enhanced quality and flexibility:

  • Unified process standards.
  • Combination of specialized features.
  • More service recovery options.

Seamless integration:
Seamless integration:

  • Collocation of export drop-off and import delivery (only at the applicable airports).
  • Faster accessibility and transaction time.
  • Same access to the joint network of both partners.

Joint Business Cooperation