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Re-icing Service

For keeping your temperature-sensitive shipments cool at all times

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Welcome to Swiss WorldCargo's Re-icing Add-on Service, our solution to ensure optimal conditions for dry ice shipments (ICE) transiting through Zurich. Our temperature-sensitive products, such as pharma and perishables, can be combined with this service, no matter if active or passive shipments, regular traffic or ad-hoc requests. Our experienced team of highly trained professionals in Zurich takes care of your shipment's re-icing by offering tailored solutions according to your requirements - providing expert handling, customer support, and high-quality services for your temperature-sensitive shipments.

Ensuring optimal conditions for your temperature-sensitive shipments

  • Specialized handling of dry ice shipments to guarantee superior Re-icing Service
  • Compliance of service with relevant authorities' requirements
  • Scalabality of shipments due to container sizes ranging from single boxes to dry ice cooling containers (e.g. RKNt2 and RAPt2)
  • Flexibility to choose between ad-hoc and regular traffic
  • Shipments are handled by highly trained staff providing high-quality customer care and swift issue resolution
  • Book Re-icing Service in advance to assure proper handling based on your requirements
  • Updates throughout the entire process - from booking to completion




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Available for booking with multiple products:

Our Add-on Service, Re-icing, can be booked for tansits in ZRH in combination with a wide range of products:

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