SWISS °Celsius Passive SolutionsFor your door-to-door temperature sensitive shipments

The market for pharmaceutical and healthcare products continues to grow and shows a sustainable and sound development. As speed to market is essential, the healthcare industry is increasingly relying on air cargo. The challenge for all the involved parties in the supply chain is to keep healthcare products within the required temperature range to ensure an uninterrupted cool chain and preserve the quality of the product.
At Swiss WorldCargo, we understand your business and we deliver Swiss premium quality. We are committed to the highest standards and with our new enhanced service offer, we will always have a solution for you. Because we care for your cargo.

That's why we offer a unique advanced passive high-performance solution that simplifies handling and door-to-door shipping. The containers are delivered fully preconditioned and ready to use by the shipper for one way rental shipments over four days on global lanes. This is our solution to ensure uninterrupted cool chain door-to-door delivery, even to destinations with limited 'to-door' facilities.


Why SWISS °Celsius Passive Solutions

Your Benefits
Your Benefits

  • Combinable with SWISS Valuables, SWISS X-Presso,
  • SWISS Argus and SWISS General Cargo
  • Standardised processes ensure that your cargo is stored in
  • the required temperature environment as fast as possible
  • Uninterrupted cool chain door-to-door delivery is ensured - even
  • to destinations with limited to-door facilities

Our Hub
Our Hub

  • Our hub is GDP compliant (Swissmedic) and IATA CEIV certified
  • Short distances via tunnel between warehouse and aircraft positions, in combination with all-in-one operational and warehouse handling
  • Fast, high quality processes that limits exposure to
  • outside conditions to a minimum
  • Swiss WorldCargo hub control center ensures a smooth,
  • reliable and flexible handling of shipment
  • Four different controlled storage possibilities FRO, COL, CRT
  • and ERT on top of ambient storage

Our Product
Our Product

  • Partnership agreement with va-Q-tec
  • SWISS °Celsius Passive Solution containers are delivered quality-checked
  • and preconditioned by va-Q-tec to the shipper's and forwarder's facility
  • One way rentals throughout the Swiss WorldCargo network
  • Temperature ranges between -60 °C and +25 °C according
  • to the customers’ needs
  • Extended product duration by storage in temperature controlled
  • environment (CRT or COL or ERT)
  • Minimised risk with very short tarmac times
  • Preferred capacity access


Pharma Capability Tool




va-Q-case Hald Euro va-Q- tainer Eurox va-Q-tainer USx va-Q-tainer XLx va-Q-tainer TwinX

319 / 320 / 321

333 / 343 / 777 / truck

333 / 343 / 777 / truck 333 / 343 / 777 / truck 333 / 343 / 777 7 truck 333 / 343 / 777 / truck
Usable loading area

60 x 34 cm

1 x 1 ft

120 x 85 cm

3 x 2 ft

120 x 125 cm

3 x 4 ft

164 x 125 cm

5 x 4 ft

211 x 125 cm

6 x 4 ft

Max. height 47 cm / 1 ft 117 cm / 3ft 117 / 3 ft 122 cm / 4 ft 122 cm / 4ft
Tare weight 113 kg / 249 lbs 440 kg / 970 lbs 578 kg / 1274 lbs 660 kg / 1455 lbs 800 kg / 1763 lbs
Pallet loadability Loose 1x 1x 2x 2x + loose
Temperature logger optional installed installed installed installed