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Quality is at the heart of everything we do - from customer service to operations, from sales to product management, from marketing to IT. Quality is a result of putting in place a number of individual initiatives and processes, each of which requires ownership, identification, coordination, implementation and control. At Swiss WorldCargo, we track and measure every step of the process so that we can improve every day. We also measure the performance of our partners and suppliers on a regular basis.


Reliable, year after year

Customers perceive our focus on quality as reliability. The results of our biennial customer satisfaction survey, year after year, have been showing a very high level of overall satisfaction and loyalty towards Swiss WorldCargo in comparison to our competitors. 


Cargo iQ

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What is Cargo iQ

Cargo iQ, earlier known as 'Cargo 2000', is an IATA initiative that brings together more than 80 major airlines, forwarders and third parties in air freight with the mission of creating and implementing quality standards for the worldwide air cargo industry.
Cargo iQ has so far been the deepest and most far-reaching improvement initiative in air cargo. In 2016, the group implemented a new audit and certification scheme, focused on increasing international recognition for the Cargo iQ Quality Management System Certification as well as a new data management initiative called Smart Data.


Our Commitment

Swiss WorldCargo has been an active member of the Cargo iQ initiative since its inception. All stations in our network are certified in accordance with Cargo iQ standards and we are continuously ranked amongst the top airlines in Cargo iQ results. 

Why Cargo iQ

Standardised Processes
Standardised Processes
  • Creates and fosters adoption of standardised shipping processes.
  • Provides an audit and certification scheme that focuses on increasing international recognition ('Cargo iQ Quality Management System Certification').
Increased Transparency
Increased Transparency
  • Ensures improved interfaces for the exchange of shipment data between invested parties, to allow precise planning and proactive monitoring.


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What is IOSA

The IOSA programme is an internationally recognised and accepted evaluation system designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline. IOSA registration is a pre-condition to receive or maintain IATA membership.


Our commitment

All processes at Swiss International Air Lines, including cargo processes, are reviewed according to IOSA standards regularly.

IOSA audits take place in every two years; certification is issued if the audit is passed without any findings (non-conformance to IATA standards).


  • Implements an IATA monitored audit program.
  • Provides regular updates of standards.
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Continuous Improvement

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Continuous Improvement

For us, ‘quality’ is the ability to continuously improve at every facet of what we do. It is the never-ending quest for excellence. In order to imbue this drive for continuous improvement in the company, we follow a two pronged strategy – adoption of Kaizen methodology to improve our processes and a strong focus on trainings for our staff.


Our Commitment


We apply the Kaizen methodology of continuous improvement to all our activities and processes. This methodology improves already established activities, redefines and revises them, enabling us to apply best practices.