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Entrust your beloved pets and animals to our attentive care for a worry-free journey

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SWISS Live Animals is the premium service for transporting live animals with utmost care and expertise. We understand the importance of ensuring the well-being and safety of your precious animals during their journey. With a team of trained experts and specialized facilities, we go above and beyond to provide a seamless and stress-free experience for both you and your animals. Our fast and efficient transportation options, adherence to strict regulations, and commitment to animal welfare make us the preferred choice for transporting a wide range of live animals, including hatching eggs, tropical animals, zoo animals, pets, and more. Trust SWISS Live Animals to deliver exceptional service, peace of mind, and the highest level of care for your beloved companions.

Our care. For your peace of mind

  • Fast transportation: Swift transport with short acceptance, connecting, and delivery times
  • Specific handling processes and facilities: Dedicated animal rooms and separate areas supervised by trained personnel for stress-free transport
  • Personalized care and vet check: Individual attention and veterinary checks
  • Very high access to flight capacity: Priority transportation with ample flight availability
  • Ambient temperature consideration as required per species: Ensuring optimal comfort during transport
  • Special loading equipment and handling: Special loading policies (last onload and fast offload)
  • Compliance with regulations: Adherence to IATA and country-specific regulations for legal transport
  • Product details included in NOTOC: Essential information included in flight crew's documentation
  • Crew attention and adjustments: Crew monitors and adjusts temperature

Our hub. Ensuring optimal conditions for animal transport

  • Centralized in Europe at our Hub ZRH: Our hub at Zurich airport ensures efficient transfers for live animals across our network without exposing the animals to extreme climate
  • Short transit time at Zurich Hub (120min)
  • Optimum environment for animal transfers: Our state-of-the-art animal center at Zurich airport prioritizes the comfort and safety of animals during transport
  • Adherence to IATA regulations: Our trained experts follow IATA regulations for proper handling and care of animals
  • Extensive network connectivity: Our Zurich hub offers a wide network of destinations for efficient and stress-free animal transportation
  • Seamless coordination and transfers: Our experienced team ensures smooth transfers between flights
  • Constant investment in improvement: We continuously invest in enhancing processes and facilities for the well-being of animals on our network

Note: At Swiss International Air Lines - and at Swiss WorldCargo - we dissociate ourselves from the transportation of live animals for research; in fact, SWISS does not accept any live animals destined for research for transport on any of its routes except live mice and live rats.

Swiss WorldCargo complies with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) when it comes to the transportation of animals and has a ban in place on animal trophies as per CITES Appendix I (

A ban on ivory has already been in place for some time. In order to further help eliminate illegal trade and transportation of hunting trophies and save wildlife heritage, since 1 June 2015, we have extended the ban to the transportation of lion trophies as well as lion bones and body parts (CITES Appendix II). Additionally, shark fins, frogs, toads and leg thereof for consumption purposes are also banned on SWISS flights.  SWISS hopes these bans will finally contribute to stopping this cruel practice.

SWISS Live Animals

Customize your shipment to your needs

We offer scalable solutions that can be dynamically adapted to your needs. On top of our branded products, transportation solutions and add-on services  can booked for your shipment. 

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Bookable Transportation Solutions

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