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Precious Commodities, Banking & Luxury Goods When discretion is paramount

High-value goods require extra security. As the demand for luxury goods grows, sourcing and marketing locations become more diverse. Longer supply chains add touch points and, therefore, vulnerability. You need the proverbial SWISS quality that ensures quick transportation, constant monitoring and the highest security of your high-value commodities at all times. This is where our security protocols go well beyond IATA's own high standards with a standalone transport process for each type of valuable. Our focus on security is also emphasised by the fact that only qualified security personnel handle consignments with a risk of theft, so you can assure your customers a smooth delivery every time you choose Swiss WorldCargo.


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Banking banknotes currency and precious metall

Luxury goods

Diamonds and jewellery

Precious metal


Why Swiss WorldCargo?

Standalone Handling Process
Standalone Handling Process

  • Worldwide skilled and trained personnel
  • Transportation in special sealed valuables containers
  • Fast high quality processes that limit exposure and minimise security risk

Enhanced Security
Enhanced Security

  • Vault storage in secure and constantly monitored facilities equipped with the latest in-camera surveillance
  • Ramp escort
  • Security checks prior to loading and departure
  • Delivery at destination against the signature of authorised consignee only
  • Segregated transportation flows from all other shipments

Close Industry Collaborations
Close Industry Collaborations

  • Our extensive network is connecting major banking and trading centers, with direct uplift and ultra-fast connection ensuring speed to market as per customer requirements
  • Strong expertise in trade show logistics
  • Extensive collaboration with the world famous Swiss watch industry


4'490 tonnes

world gold supply in 2018


Swiss watches exported in 2018


global art market in 2017


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