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SWISS Vulnerables

Protect your shipment without compromise

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The hi-tech, the fine art and the high-end fashion and other specialised industries manufacturing complex and delicate products require reliable and protected logistics chains. Careful handling, product integrity, theft prevention, discretion and confidentiality are key requirements when it comes to air freight solutions for these extremely vulnerable products.
With SWISS Vulnerables we offer substantially high protection against tempering. 

Our caution. For your cargo protection

  • Increased theft protection through distinctive storage with special attendance and security checks prior to departure as well as after landing
  • Secured transport and handling processes ensure that your cargo is well protected en route to destination
  • Special storage, surveillance and loading processes
  • Security checks prior to departure and after landing
  • Highly skilled and trained personnel worldwide
  • Preferential capacity access
  • No weight limitations (aircraft type restrictions apply)
  • Globally consistent handling and quality standards
  • Integrated online consignment tracking system

Our hub. For your protected supply chain

  • Short distances via tunnel between warehouse and aircraft positions, in combination with all-in-one operational and warehouse handling
  • Fast, high quality processes that limit exposures to outside conditions to a minimum
  • Dedicated storage facilities

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Customize your shipment to your needs

We offer scalable solutions that can be dynamically adapted to your needs. On top of our branded products, transportation solutions and add-on services can be added to your shipment. 

Vulnerables: Bookable add-ons

Bookable Add-on Services


Caractéristiques des capacités

Capacity features

Preferred space access


Booking tolerance  +/- 20%
BUP* Yes
Transport of special cargo (AVI, DGR, etc.) No
Trucks services Yes

*BUP (Bulk Utilization Programme): Transport-ready containers and pallets benefit from preferential conditions and more rapid handling.

Caractéristiques du handling

Caractéristiques du handling

Dernier délai de dépôt avant le décollage
"ready for carriage”
180 à 240 min*
Temps de transfert  Jusqu'à 6 h
Livraison après l’atterrissage 240 à 360 min*
Gestion et traitement particulier des flux Oui

*À l'échelle locale des divergences peuvent survenir