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Keep your valuable goods secure at all times

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Welcome to SWISS Valuables, the premium solution for your highly secured supply chain. In today's world, valuable consignments encompass more than just traditional assets like gold, money, and precious gems. With the ever-increasing pace of life, there is a growing demand for transporting highly confidential documents, exquisite art pieces, and valuable collections. We understand the importance of mitigating risks associated with transporting high-value cargo. That's why our valuable product surpasses the security standards set by IATA. When you choose us to transport your valuables by air, you can trust in our commitment to upholding Switzerland's time-honored values of discretion, reliability, and technical expertise.

Our discretion. For your shipment's security

  • Special storage in locked area with camera surveillance for ultimate security and monitoring of your cargo
  • Transportation in special sealed valuables containers (aluminium doors) or hard plastic boxes to secure your cargo
  • Highly secured transport and handling processes ensure that your cargo gets to its destination safely and on time
  • Dangerous goods accepted (local restrictions and IATA DG regulations apply)
  • Seamless integration in your secured supply chain
  • Possibility to make reservations via online eBooking
  • Global audited network with high quality handling standards to meet your highest level of security requirements

Comprehensive protection for your precious cargo

  • Storage in highly secured and constantly monitored facilities
  • Tarmac escort to and from the aircraft
  • Supervision of loading and unloading procedures by security agent
  • Delivery at destination against signature of authorised consignee only
  • Special valuables load devices such as containers with aluminium
  • doors or hard plastic boxes
  • All loading devices are secured with seals
  • Skilled and specially trained personnel worldwide
  • Preferred access to capacity combined with a high loading priority
  • No weight limitations (aircraft type restrictions apply)
  • Priority and dedicated acceptance, transfer and delivery
  • Globally consistent handling and quality standards
  • Integrated online consignment tracking system
  • Possibility to make reservations via online eBooking

Our secure hub. For reliable transportation

  • Separate and highly secured storage facility to reduce potential risks
  • Delivery at the aircraft side shortly before flight departure, ensuring efficient handling and quick turnaround times

Valuables side content

Customize your shipment to your needs

We offer scalable solutions that can be dynamically adapted to your needs. On top of our branded products, transportation solutions and add-on services can be added to your shipment. 


Valubles: Bookable add-ons

Bookable Add-on Services


Caractéristiques des capacités


Capacités réservées Oui
Tolérance de réservation Non
BUP* Non
Transport de marchandises spéciales (produits dangereux, animaux vivants, etc.) Non, (sauf exceptions)
Camion Non

*BUP (Bulk Utilization Programme): les conteneurs et palettes prêts au transport profitent de conditions préférentielles et d'une expédition plus rapide.

Caractéristiques du handling


Dernier délai de dépôt avant le décollage 90 min (sauf exceptions)
Temps de transfert 90 min
Livraison après l’atterrissage 90 min
Gestion et traitement particulier des flux Oui