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Commodity-focused, modular airfreight services

Shipping solutions as unique as your goods

At Swiss WorldCargo, we understand that each shipment holds its own story, significance, and unique requirements. Our expertise in transporting high-value, care-intensive, and temperature-sensitive shipments extends to all goods we handle. With this comprehensive approach in mind, we have carefully crafted a range of airfreight products that cater to the unique needs of the different commodities, placing your cargo at the heart of our operations. From the moment your goods leave their origin to the time they reach their destination, our commitment to excellence ensures they receive the highest level of attention. Our dedication to precision and reliability guarantees a seamless and secure journey, providing you with peace of mind throughout the entire transportation process. Explore the future of tailored airfreight services with Swiss WorldCargo and discover the perfect shipping solution for your goods.

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Your shipment, your choice

Design your own tailored air cargo service with our transportation solutions and newly created add-on services

With the flexible offering at Swiss WorldCargo, we put the power of customization in your hands. Our Transportation Solutions and Add-on Services allow you to create a modular and personalized air freight service that perfectly aligns with your needs. Whether you require temperature-controlled solutions, expedited speed options, or specialized handling for dangerous goods, we offer a wide range of transportation solution options to accommodate your specific requirements.

But it doesn't stop there. We also provide add-on services to enhance your shipping experience. Choose our "Green Choice" option to prioritize more  sustainable transportation, opt for active tracking devices for real-time visibility of your shipment, or even enjoy the convenience of our home delivery service to ship the cargo directly to your warehouse. 

At Swiss WorldCargo, we believe that no two shipments are alike. That's why we empower you to design your own air cargo service, tailoring it to suit your unique preferences and demands. Discover the flexibility and control that comes with our modular service offering and unlock a world of possibilities for your shipments.

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