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The airmail parcel business is constantly increasing due to a phenomenal potential market volume and growth for national postal organisations. The worldwide major postal organisations are already prominently active in this high-potential business sector. They are busy ensuring greater vertical integration and control over their operation processes to secure a leading role in the global logistics arena and position themselves to offer integrated international Express Mail Services (EMS), Priority Mail (Airmail) or Non-Priority Mail (S.A.L).
Airmail services have their own special needs – whether they are Express Mail Services (EMS), Priority Mail (Airmail) or Non-Priority Mail (S.A.L) – exemplary efficiency is just as essential as absolute discretion, be it letters or parcels.

Our consistency. For your transparent delivery

  • Mail scanning worldwide for status update by means of latest EDI messaging standards
  • Long-term customer agreements
  • Dedicated mail capacity allotments
  • Short acceptance, transfer and delivery times 
  • Dedicated acceptance and handling processes
  • Highly skilled and trained personnel worldwide
  • Preferred capacity access for Express Mail Services (EMS)
  • and Priority Mail (Airmail)
  • Compliance with Universal Postal Union (UPU) standards
  • Globally consistent handling and quality standards
  • Status update by means of latest EDI messaging standards

Our hub. For your international mail exchange

  • Unique transfer times of 240 minutes at Zurich and Geneva airports, enabling you to meet your delivery requirements
  • Limited exposure to outside conditions thanks to extremely short distances between aircraft position and warehouse at our hub Zurich
  • Dedicated mail facilities


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Bessere Priorität für Kapazitäten

Ja, garantierte Kapazität für Prioritätssendungen

Gewichtslimiten pro Stück Gemäss UPU-Richtlinien
Transport von Spezialgütern (Gefahrengüter, Tiere usw.) Gemäss UPU-Richtlinien
LKW Transport Auf Anfrage für Economy Mail und Prio Mail


Handling features

Latest acceptance times “ready for carriage” Geneva: 240 min
Zurich: 240 min
Transfer times  Geneva: 240 min
Zurich: 240 min
Added value service on UPU-Standards By Swiss Post International based on UPU