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Network updatesCoronavirus impact

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus, the network of SWISS and Swiss WorldCargo is heavily impacted. Please find the latest changes and updates below.

Last updated: 08 April, 2020 (10:00 CET)


Latest update: SWISS to reduce flight operations to a minimum from 23 March, 2020

In view of the numerous new travel restrictions both in Europe and farther afield, and of economic considerations, SWISS is compelled to limit its flight operations to a minimum from Monday, 23 March until Sunday, 19 April, 2020.


Swiss WorldCargo is operating the following intercontinental flights until 19 April, 2020:

North and South America

Flight Number Destination Weekly frequency
LX18/19 EWR                     



Asia and India

Flight Number Destination Weekly frequency
LX188 to PVG 08 - 18 April
LX2688 to PVG 08 April, 11 April, 14 April
LX196 to PEK 10 April, 11 April, 13 April
LX2682 to PEK 13 April
LX8909 from BKK 08 April
LX8914 to BOM 08 April
LX8915 BOM-DEL-ZRH 09 April


In Europe, we will continue to serve destinations including London (LHR), Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon and Stockholm. Our trucking network will remain available.

The schedules are subject to change due to the constantly evolving situation around the world. For exact details on each scheduling change, please contact your local Swiss WorldCargo office.

All other destinations will be suspended for the moment until Sunday, 19 April 2020.

These are unprecedented times and a challenge for various industries throughout the world. However, please be assured that we will do whatever we can to support you – our global customers. We are looking at different solutions and options to ensure that we can continue supporting the vital flow of goods around the world.