SWISS °Celsius ActiveFor your temperature controlled supply chain

The market for pharmaceutical and healthcare products continues to grow and shows a sustainable and sound development. As speed to market is essential, the healthcare industry is increasingly relying on air cargo. The challenge for all the involved parties in the supply chain is to keep healthcare products within the required temperature range to ensure an unbroken cool chain and preserve the quality of the product.
Maintaining cool chain integrity is a core element in the transportation of temperature controlled pharmaceutical products. To maintain the product temperature along the supply chain, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are choosing an 'active' temperature controlled container based on technologies like compressor cooling, electric heating or dry ice refrigeration.

Swiss WorldCargo’s SWISS °Celsius Active is a tailor-made, high-quality solution for your shipments that require seamless transportation in active temperature controlled containers.

Why SWISS °Celsius Active

Our Product

  • Transport in active temperature-controlled containers for constancy in temperature ranges from -20 to +20 °C
  • The smooth integration into the supply chain is secured through individually prepared operational procedures
  • Quality control at the airport of departure, transfer and arrival via check sheet
  • A wide range of temperature-controlled containers
  • A global network of selected audited stations
  • Worldwide personnel trained in temperature-controlled container handling
  • Thermo truck network available
  • Preferred capacity access
  • Worldwide uniform handling and quality standards
  • Dangerous goods accepted (local restrictions and IATA DG regulations apply)
  • Integrated online consignment tracking system

Our Hub

  • Our hub operations are GDP compliant as per Swissmedic, and IATA CEIV certified
  • Short distances via tunnel between warehouse and aircraft positions in combination with all-in-one operational and warehouse handling
  • Fast, high quality processes that limit exposures to outside conditions to a minimum
  • Swiss WorldCargo hub control center ensures a smooth, reliable and flexible handling of shipments

Your Benefits

  • Choice of different container types for different temperature ranges from -20 to +20 °C
  • Partnership with experienced suppliers of temperature-controlled containers: Envirotainer, CSafe and Dokasch
  • We are a qualified Envirotainer Provider (QEP)
  • Standardised Operational Processes worldwide (SOP) ensure proper handling in order to preserve the quality of the product transported
  • Option for a tailor-made operational procedure (COP)
  • Limited exposure to outside conditions thanks to extremely short distances aircraft positions and warehouse in Zurich
  • Global network of selected audited stations in regards to their temperature-controlled container handling capabilities

Capacity features

Preferred space access Yes
BUP* Yes
Truck services  Yes, in thermo trucks

*BUP (Bulk Utilization Programme): Transport-ready containers and pallets benefit from preferential conditions and more rapid handling.


Handling features

Latest acceptance times
"ready for carriage”
180 to 240 min*
Transfer times  Up to 12 h
Delivery times after landing 240 to 360 min*
Special consignment labelling by the freight forwarder Yes (DGR)
Separate handling process  Yes

*Local deviations may apply.