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What if your cargo consignment is highly critical, and is so important that it requires a personal escort? That’s when you need Chapman Freeborn, our partner for charter solutions and the specialist in on-board courier (OBC) services.


Tailor-made solution


Whether you need a door-to-door, door-to-airport, airport-to-door or airport-to-airport solution, Chapman Freeborn OBC offers an individualised service in which the interfaces with other parties are kept to a minimum and your shipment is accompanied by a dedicated Chapman Freeborn air courier all the way from pick-up to final delivery.

With round-the-clock availability every day of the year, Chapman Freeborn can provide all the assistance you require. That includes sending you continuous updates on your consignment’s status. And with the Chapman Freeborn online tracking system, you can check up on your shipment’s progress any time you wish.


Why Chapman Freeborn OBC

  • Global coverage
  • Specially-trained couriers for the highest quality standards
  • All couriers equipped with all the visas required worldwide
  • Personal pick-up and delivery
  • Own tracking system for OBC shipments
  • Handling of all organisational and regulatory procedures (e.g. fully compliant to customs regulations immigration requirements, etc.)

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