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What if your cargo’s needs are beyond the scope of scheduled air services because of the size or weight of your shipment or its place of origin or its intended destination? A solution will be provided to you with Chapman Freeborn – our partner for charter solutions. No matter the size or destination, Chapman Freeborn has the experience and know-how to provide you with whatever is needed to make each consignment a success.


Tailor-made solution

The right aircraft for each task – all the way from a helicopter to an Antonov 225 – this is what Chapman Freeborn will provide for you. Every shipment will be treated as its own separate project based on decades of air freight experience and expertise. There are no off-the-peg products: Chapman Freeborn offers you the tailor-made solution that makes most business sense. A scheduled service will be used where needed and a charter is arranged on request. You will benefit from the lowest cost solution. This gives you maximum flexibility and best profitability.


Why Chapman Freeborn charter solutions

Your Benefits
Your Benefits

  • Individual schedules
  • Free choice of airport of origin and destination
  • Virtually no weight or size restrictions
  • All aircraft types available
  • Customised solutions

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