Active Tracking Devices24/7 dedicated intervention team

The need for timely information and transparency is a key requirement in supply chain logistics, since any number of cargo irregularities can occur during transportation, despite careful planning.

That is why since November 2016 we allow the transportation of SWISS-approved active tracking devices (ATDs). Additionally, we provide a 24/7 dedicated intervention team able to react to any ATD deviation alarm worldwide based on your request.


ATD types approved by SWISS

  • 7PSolutions GD100
  • 7PSolutions GL300
  • 7PSolutions GL300W
  • Cartasense U-Sensor
  • Blue Sensor
  • Intelyt
  • SenseAware 2000
  • Sendum PT300D
  • OnAsset Sentry 500 Flightsafe
  • Controlant CO 10.01 Real-Time Logger
  • Roambee Bee

ATD in three steps
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24/7 intervention team
  • In the event of any deviation detected by your already booked ATD just contact our 24/7 intervention service via the provided contact and we will get back to you within 15 minutes.
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