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angle-left 08.Mar.2013

SWISS °Celsius Passive launched


Zurich, Switzerland: Swiss WorldCargo, the air cargo division of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd, announces the launch of SWISS °Celsius Passive, an enhanced solution for “passive” temperature-sensitive shipments.

To meet the specific needs of today’s pharmaceutical industry, Swiss WorldCargo differentiates its offer for temperature-sensitive shipments: 
In addition to SWISS °Celsius Active, for shipments carried in “active” temperature controlled containers, Swiss WorldCargo offers SWISS °Celsius Passive, for temperature sensitive shipments transported in passive packaging solutions.

“Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are investing more and more in sophisticated passive packaging solutions for their time and temperature-sensitive shipments,” says Markus Scheuber, Product Manager SWISS °Celsius at Swiss WorldCargo. “However, it is not all about packaging; these healthcare shipments rely on high quality standardized processes, speed and adequate storage wherever possible.”

Swiss °Celsius Passive offers a choice of three official IATA temperature ranges, “refrigerated” (COL, +2 °C to +8 °C), “controlled room temperature” (CRT, +15 °C to +25 °C) and “deep frozen” (FRO, -20 °C). At its Zurich hub, Swiss WorldCargo provides a temperature controlled ULD stacker for CRT and COL shipments; an exclusive area for loose temperature-sensitive shipments completes the facilities.

Standardized processes ensure that temperature-sensitive cargo is stored in the required temperature environment as fast as possible. Moreover, the extremely short distances between the aircraft position and the warehouse in Zurich, mainly covered by a tunnel, ensure limited exposure to outside conditions.  

In addition to its extensive storage facilities in Zurich, Swiss WorldCargo has defined a network of stations that have been audited and approved for their healthcare handling capabilities.
The product can also be combined with Swiss WorldCargo’s ultra-fast SWISS X-Presso solution or its reliable service SWISS General Cargo. 

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