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angle-left 11.Dec.2012

Multiladeral EDI Agreement


Swiss WorldCargo is the first carrier to sign up the Proof of Concept for IATA’s “Multilateral e-Air Waybill Agreement”.

Swiss WorldCargo underlines its commitment to paperless cargo by joining the Proof of Concept for the IATA’s “Multilateral e-Air Waybill Agreement” initiative. The cargo division of SWISS is the first carrier worldwide to sign up for this Proof of Concept, which marks a significant milestone within the e-commerce framework promoted by the Global Air Cargo Advisory Group (GACAG).

The model agreement for electronic data interchange (EDI) as a substitute for the traditional paper air waybill is proposed to become “multilateral”: The objective is to have the bilateral EDI agreements between the forwarders and the carriers replaced by a single multilateral agreement. The concept is that forwarders entering into the agreement with IATA effectively enter into agreements with all participating carriers who have appointed IATA as their agent to enter into the agreements with the forwarders on their behalf.

A Proof of Concept has been launched by IATA with a group of freight forwarders and carriers to trial the draft agreement and provide recommendations on potential enhancements. The final version of the agreement is anticipated to be adopted as an IATA resolution and declared effective by mid-2013.

The “Multilateral e-Air Waybill Agreement” is a crucial development within the e-Air Waybill framework, introduced by IATA with the acknowledgement of FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association and GACAG, to enable airlines, shippers and freight forwarders to experience the benefits of a paperless environment.

“The new agreement will allow forwarders and airlines to get away from the painstaking and slow process of company-to-company and location-to-location agreements which have slowed the adoption of e-commerce until now” comments Christine Barden, Head of Transportation Processes and responsible for the e-Air Waybill project at Swiss WorldCargo.
“The ultimate benefit will be the increase of the volume of e-Air Waybill shipments, with a consequent increase in productivity, reliability of information and customer service.”

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