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angle-left 06.Jul.2016

Brand-new, efficient Bombardier C Series enters service at SWISS


Just months after the introduction of the Boeing 777-300ER, the brand-new SWISS Bombardier CS100 enters service, reducing carbon and noise emissions on short haul flights, while offering improved temperature control capabilities to Swiss WorldCargo’s clients.

On Friday 15th July 2016, the brand new SWISS Bombardier C Series will enter service. The new aircraft’s first commercial flight LX638 will take it from Zurich to Paris Charles de Gaulle. The CS100 is set to replace its predecessor, the Avro RJ100, throughout autumn.

The commencement of scheduled operations with the new Bombardier twinjet marks another milestone in SWISS history, shortly following the successful service entry of the Boeing 777-300ER. The new aircraft are reflecting our innovativeness, operative excellence and commitment to sustainability.

Innovation leadership: co-creating value with Bombardier

The SWISS Bombardier C Series is a next-generation aircraft, made of cutting edge materials and technology. As the launching carrier, SWISS pushed innovation forward with Bombardier. The results are visible in the following facts:

- Compared to the RJ100, the CS100 reduces carbon emissions by 25%
- To the human ear, the C Series halves noise emissions compared to the RJ100, which will particularly benefit residential areas close to airports
- The aircraft has the same cargo capacity as the RJ100 in terms of volume and weight
- The front cargo compartment is fully heated and ventilated

Operative excellence and continuity in cargo strategy

“Compared to the RJ100, the CS100 reduces carbon emissions effectively, a fact which is often demanded by our customers,” comments Ashwin Bhat, Head of Cargo. “This new generation aircraft from Bombardier guarantees the high reliability and constant level of services within our quality solutions.”

Delivering on sustainability promise

With the introduction of the C Series, SWISS further delivers on the sustainability promise. Besides the substantial reductions in carbon emissions and noise, the arrival of the C Series creates 150 new jobs for SWISS. Efficiency gains and network density paired with the well-known SWISS and Swiss WorldCargo service and quality will ensure commercial success for us, and our partners in air cargo.

SWISS and Swiss WorldCargo C Series destinations

Besides Paris, other destinations to receive Bombardier C Series service are: Manchester, Prague, Budapest in July, Warsaw and Brussels in August, Nice, as well as Stuttgart, Hanover, Milan, Florence and Bucharest in September.

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