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The truth about Christmas

Tags: Environ- ment

Oliver Evans on Friday, December 21, 2012 9:00 AM

The same happens every year: right before a large number of us gather around Christmas trees anywhere across the globe to sing “Silent Night”, in terms of business it is not silent at all.

This may not be a peak like we used to see in the good old days, but this hump, or whatever it is that has been keeping us so busy this week, is very welcome nevertheless.

When I was very young I used to try and imagine Father Christmas amongst the clouds getting ready to come and surprise me with many gifts. But later I rashly came to the conclusion that this was all, well, imagination.

Fortunately after more than fifty years I have finally come to my senses. I now know, as you do, that the clouds are indeed there, only they are data storage clouds and not just fluffy wads of vapour. And yes, Father Christmas (or whoever he is) is indeed using those clouds to process all those trillions of orders which are keeping our air cargo industry so busy this week. And if our aircraft this week are pulled by his reindeer (as many well-informed children strongly insist), then that strikes me as a very good example of innovative biofuels, which we all welcome.

So, there is something to cheer about for everybody, regardless of faith and culture at this time of year after all.

Happy holidays, and thank you for tuning in,



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