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The Joy of listening

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Oliver Evans on Tuesday, July 08, 2014 4:15 PM

Last month I attended a very interesting one day conference right here in Switzerland. It was full of insights from all corners of the global economy with speakers covering topics ranging from connected devices in everyday life, to new materials for the transport of pharmaceuticals, via 3D printing of (almost) any object you care to imagine. That was in and of itself very eye-opening and enriching.

But the best part is this: the host of this conference was actually the Interest Group Air Cargo (IGAC) of Switzerland, a joint organisation of shippers, forwarders, airlines and other air cargo stakeholders – and not some think tank or community of entrepreneurs.

Yes, it was an air cargo event. And yet just a couple of the speakers actually talked about air cargo! There are still so many conferences around where we talk exclusively about air cargo, and to each other – with barely a shipper in sight. 

That is why this event in June was so refreshing – and inspiring: it clearly heralded a changing mindset in our industry, namely the will to look beyond the confines of air cargo to find ideas that will help our industry to become innovative and relevant in a rapidly changing world.

It is not only necessary to open up and listen in – it is fun too! Fun to experience first-hand the energy, enthusiasm and radical new thinking of entrepreneurs like Andreas Raptopoulos, CEO of Matternet, who addressed our industry in March in Los Angeles, and is determined to create a global network of small unmanned flying vehicles (aka drones) to give regions without reliable road networks access to vital new products and markets.
There are so many more fascinating stories out there, stories that have only just begun and are exploring uncharted territory. I am very glad we have finally discovered the joy of listening!

Thank you for tuning in.


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