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Drones of Christmases yet to come

Tags: Christmas   Drones   Holidays   Santa

Oliver Evans on Thursday, December 19, 2013 2:00 PM

While many of us are getting ready for the end-of-year holidays, and looking forward to spending time with family and friends around the Christmas tree, others in our industry are taking an altogether different look forward, possibly re-shaping the way goods move from A to B in a fundamental way.

Or are they?

Actually, the idea of drones delivering individual packages to individual customers is not as new as it may seem – Santa has been doing exactly that - well, for ever- every December, and on a global scale, with just a couple of very dedicated reindeer and a battered old sleigh, with neither GPS nor track'n'trace, but just (or so they say) the starry sky to chart his way.

But for all the other nights of the year, when Santa is not on duty, drones actually might be a real game changer for all of us. And who knows, maybe the chimney will replace the front doorstep and become the obvious point of entry for your Amazon packages…

Yet, drones or planes, the fundamental challenge for all of us will always be the same, as Christmas reminds us time and again: to work together to make our world a better place. By spreading wealth and prosperity.  And by helping people to reach out to loved ones all over the place – be it through bellies, drones or just a good old fashioned sleigh.

Thank you for tuning in.


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