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How to make an asset an asset

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Oliver Evans on Thursday, April 18, 2013 2:00 PM

Last week, Adrian Gonzales wrote an insightful article which Alex Lennane reblogged on The Loadstar, both claiming rightfully that “in logistics, somebody has to own the assets”.
And there sure is a need for this message in a world, where many logistic providers take considerable pride in being “asset free”, (whatever that actually means…).

Gonzales urges us to re-embrace (and along the way redefine) assets, as something “useful to foil or defeat the competition”, and again, I could not agree more.

Yet, there is an imminent danger for all of us here as well.
It is the danger of becoming starry eyed plane lovers, ship huggers and truck fans, eager to present our shiny and quite impressive toys to customers, clients and partners as a proof of our abilities and importance.

Why would this be dangerous?
Because clients and customers simply don´t care.
All they care about (and all we should care about) is whether we can turn those assets into something that provides them with an advantage in the market, that delivers to them a much needed service, that makes them ultimately more successful.

Our entire business is not (and never was) about owning assets.
It is about using, utilizing, orchestrating assets, about connecting them into an intricate web of transport and fine tuning this web to create unique solutions for each and every of our clients.

If we fail here, if we do not, in the words of Gonzales “leverage the assets creatively”, all pieces of hardware, even the shiniest ones, are just that: hard ware and ultimately useless.

We need planes and trucks and trains and ships much in the same way a carpenter or a surgeon needs his tools. They are essential to what we do, but what makes us (or a carpenter or a surgeon) truly special and irreplaceable is something else entirely:
It is what we are able to do with these tools.
It is the fact that we are able to turn all those shiny assets into assets for our clients.

Thank you for tuning in.


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Published by air freight services on Thursday, May 16, 2013 12:37 PM
Nice article. I want to share it with our friends. Thanks for nice sharing.

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